You are at the right place.

The concept

In the right place. Uniqueness and originality.

We would like to introduce the IN LOCO BUDWEISER BUDVAR RESTAURANT concept to you.

Every place is unique for something: e.g. for being the place we were born at, went to school to, worked there… it is also unique for being the place where our friends are, where we meet unique people and where they meet us, as we are unique, too. The region is unique as well, so is everything we have created here together.

Some unique people and some unique things touched the stars with their uniqueness, highlighting the uniqueness of the place they have been inseparably associated with. We could give you dozens of names of famous personalities connected with a particular town or place as well as many artefacts of human spirit, which just couldn’t have originated anywhere else. Creative agitation originates only at the right place – IN LOCO.

IN LOCO – at the right place – that’s where you are right now. Having conquered the world with its uniqueness, the Budweiser Budvar brand is also unique, bringing you this unique gastronomic concept. Budweiser Budvar beer is intended for unique people who can appreciate its original qualities.

How to find us

IN LOCO Budweiser Budvar Restaurant

České Budějovice

Clarion Congress Hotel České Budějovice
Pražská 14
370 04 České Budějovice

IN LOCO Budweiser Budvar Restaurant

Praha, Florenc

Sokolovská 32
Praha 8 - Karlín


The look of the IN LOCO restaurants combines the uniqueness of the place and local celebrities. The restaurant is dominated by a bar with a circular intersection that follows through the area behind the bar to the beer tank area. A lit area with a tap constitutes the heart of the bar. The bar was made using traditional materials with a non-traditional design. The use of structured screens that divide the space into discrete sitting areas represents a strong element of expression in the area of the restaurant. Some seating areas are completed with red lights referring to the tradition of Czech glassmakers. Graphic motifs placed in circular frames on the walls show motifs from the history and the present of Budweiser Budvar brewery as well as further premises and places that are an integral part of the locality (town) in which the IN LOCO restaurant is located.

The design and overall look is modern, using high-quality materials and the latest technology, resulting in an outline-wise simple, clean and modern restaurant area.


Budweiser Budvar is bringing a new modern concept of IN LOCO original restaurants to the market. The concept is based on the idea of the "big" world (and world-wise people) meeting the world of a stubborn and somewhat peculiar South Bohemian temperament and culture. The Budweiser Budvar brand links the two worlds, knowing both worlds having managed to break through in both. Therefore, it can organically combine them, proving that the two worlds are not so apart as it seems at first glance.

The IN LOCO restaurant with the genuine Czech beer brand of Budweiser Budvar provides its guests with a unique experience, as the guests will find here perfectly treated draft beer, one-of-a-kind Czech cuisine in a modern style and a timeless professional environment of a modern restaurant – therefore the ideal combination of services for pleasant moments with friends on any occasion. You can customarily turn up for one pint, or have a pleasant lunch or dinner, watching sport events with friends, or organize family celebrations – and you will always be at the right place – IN LOCO.

By providing perfect services we want to show the guests that they have come to the RIGHT PLACE.